About Us


The Electronic Monsterzz Productions© Is Calcutta Based An Indian Electronic Band . The Trio Consisting Of Three House Disc Jockeys & Producers – |DJ Sourojit | DJ Sanu | DJ Sd | .

With Their Mutual Compassion For Music A New Friendship Was Born. The Trio Joined Forces & Became Inseparable. From That Moment on, Sourojit , Sanu & Sd , Became A Real Musical Trio With A Wide Range Of Musical Production Knowledge & Skills That Can Be Heard In Their Live Performance. They Discovered A Huge Inspiration That They Wanted To Translate Into Their Own World. At That Moment They Decided To Conquer The World With Their Own Sound & Lifestyle, An Inseparable Trio With A Large Selection Of Musical Production Knowledge & Skills. The Trio Mainly Focuses on Genre, House Music, Like Electro House, Progressive House, Dutch , House & Tribal. When The Trio Decided To Officially Partner Up, They Had To Create A New Identity Which Suites Their Creativity On Both Performing & Musical Way. They Perform On The Energy They Get From Music, They Play Music That Light Up The Crowd. And With This Idea The Name The Electronic Monsterzz Productions was born.Electronic Monsterzz productions was founded by Sourojit in 22nd April 2012. With one aim to provide better beats for music lovers & to support the Dj industry. The group comprised of DJ’s Sourojit, Sanu & Sd. They are popular in producing Bhollywood Remixes , House music , Chill out & Other forms of Electronic music.They both make a unique team with expertise in making sick baselines , dutch synths & melodies.Electronic Monsterzz Productions Has distinctive & unique production style perhaps best described as a fusion of electronic & progressive with house tribal & club flavors.Their productions have been described as Intelligent, Driving, Melodic. Their dub mixes are often done in their signature style. In 2013 They came associated with DigitalTreakRecords & Devon Records.